Williams: “If That’s A Watchable Screen, Then NBC News Has To Be On It”

By Brian 

TV Guide helps Brian Williams decompress after his interview with President Bush:

  TVGuide.com: Your interview with the president was a multiplatform spectacular.

Brian Williams: Yes it was.

TVGuide.com: Is this the model for future treatment of big, exclusive stories?

Williams: It’s just spreading out the material. We still have material from our day with the president that we haven’t aired. We have this audience that follows you online all day [on MSNBC.com], an audience that follows you on cable, an audience that follows you on air. They tell me it was on cell phones and radio. I was sitting in motorcades tapping away on a Blackberry. I’ve said a million times, I can’t change the fact that Americans have apparently decided to watch Dr. Zhivago on their iPods. I’m going to keep mine for music, but god bless them. If that’s a watchable screen, then NBC News had to be on it.

Here’s the full Q&A…