What TVNewsers Are Thankful For…

By Alissa Krinsky 

Alissa Krinsky
TVNewser Contributor

With Thanksgiving 2008 now upon us, we asked ten tvnewsers what they’re grateful for this year — personal, professional, or both.

Our respondents complete the sentence, “This Year, I’m Thankful For…”:


• ABC’s Robin Roberts: “I am most very grateful for my much improved health.”

• NBC’s Betsy Fischer: “My sweet daughter Ella who makes every day meaningful; a sister whose love and talents enrich my life; a loving mom and a great dad who turns 75 next week; wonderful and supportive friends; a topnotch staff and Meet the Press crew; and the wisdom and strength I summon daily from a big Buffalo angel on my shoulder.”

• CNN’s Candy Crowley: “First, last, evermore, my children.”

• CBS’ Katie Couric: “I’m thankful for my family and for the front row seat I had during this extraordinary year in American history.”

• FBN’s Alexis Glick: “…family, friends, health and happiness. It is at times like this that walking into my apartment to hear mommy, mommy, mommy, is music to my ears — I am very blessed.”

• CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla: “The chance to live in this country. I know we’ve got problems and that our national debates are a mess — but there’s nowhere you’d rather weather an economic storm than in the land of personal freedom.”

• PBS’ Ray Suarez: “Three happy, smart, nice kids (two on the verge of adulthood)…28 years of marriage (yes, all to the same woman!)…and the satisfaction that comes from doing the work I wanted to do since I was a teenager. I am, more than ever, a grateful person.”

• FNC’s Greta Van Susteren: “I am thankful there are privacy laws preventing anyone from getting my high school grades.”

• Headline News’ Nancy Grace: “Last Thanksgiving, weeks after her birth, my little Lucy was still in neonatal intensive care. I am grateful that this November both she and her twin brother John David will be with us, all of us giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day.”

• MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow: “I am thankful for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And for all of my jobs.”