CNN EP Delivers “Two Babies At Once”

By SteveK 

CNN’s Kelly Flynn’s first baby will be delivered tomorrow night. Her second is due in a couple weeks.

Flynn is the executive producer of CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute, which airs tomorrow night at 9pmET on CNN. She’s also eight-and-a-half months pregnant.

“It’s hard when you’re delivering two babies at once,” Flynn tells TVNewser. “It’s been interesting to pull it off.”

Flynn says the “massive process” behind “Heroes” actually helped. “I think there was something good about me being so fully engrossed in the project while being pregnant,” she says. “It allowed me not to have any anxiety about my pregnancy, and served as a nice source of distraction.”

She says she does not subscribe to the “pregnancy brain” mentality. “I became very attached to not uttering those words,” she says. “Women are perfectly capable to get through a big project while pregnant.”

One thing she was not able to do this year, unlike when she EP’ed last year, was attend the event. Still, she “conducted meetings all year long,” and was “here in the the Time Warner Center with a headset on in the control room” when the all-star show was recorded on Saturday.

And what did she think of the finished product?

“The show’s going to be amazing tomorrow,” said Flynn. “We had the event at the Kodak Theater in LA. It’s the place you normally see the Oscars take place. It’s a special moment and was a special place to do it.”

She says CNN Heroes is a change from the usual cable news options. “The show itself is incredibly moving and well done,” says Flynn. “I think it’s a concept that is incredibly welcome at a time like this, with all the bad news out there.”

As for the Thanksgiving Night airing, she says: “Thanksgiving Night is a great time to do it. I think people can sit down with their family and watch something moving and uplifting.

“It takes a lot of support from the network to do something like this, from all parts of the company, and everyone who gets involved is so thankful to participate. It’s been a year-long process. A production like that takes months to put together. It’s a massive coordination and it’s so worthwhile when it all comes together.”