V&W: From Iran To Israel

By Brian 

On The World Newser, ABC News foreign desk editor Michael Kreisel explained how he got Bob Woodruff out of Tehran and into Jerusalem last Wednesday night:

 Iran and Israel, being enemies, have no direct flights between the two countries.

The total distance may only be about 1,300 miles but unless you’re a bird, flying takes many hours. I immediately called our travel department to try to figure out how to get Bob and two producers to Israel. I had never tried to book anyone between these two countries and had no idea what the connections would be.

It turns out there was a flight from Tehran, Iran to Istanbul, Turkey leaving at 4:30 the next morning. Once in Istanbul, they would catch another flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. Bob and his team had just finished reporting for Wednesday’s World News Tonight so they rushed off to the Tehran airport to catch the overnight flight…

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