Vieira To ‘Today:’ “I’ve Reached A Point Where I Have To Veer Off My Path”

By Brian 

After the co-hosts of The View discussed Katie Couric‘s announcement for a few minutes and took a commercial break, Barbara Walters redirected the conversation toward Meredith Vieira. “As I have told you, we have a little news ourselves to make today. Meredith?”

Here are the quotes I transcribed:

“…I’m having trouble finding the right words to express how I feel right now. I’ve [enjoyed] nine wonderful years on this show… I’ve loved it. The people are wonderful and extremely grateful…”

“I say to my kids — I hound them all the time — I say change is important… and I’ve reached a point where I have to veer off my path.”

“…I’m very honored that NBC has asked me to co-host the Today show.”

[APPLAUSE] “I’m thrilled. I’m really thrilled…”

“I know that part of their reasoning for offering me this job is that I have 20 years of news, but the other part is because of the nine years I’ve been here.” She thanked her colleagues for helping to “develop another side of myself.”

Vieira received a standing ovation…