Vieira To ‘Today:’ Meredith More Appealing & Influential Than Katie

By Brian 

Everyone has heard of Q-scores. It’s a well-known instrument for measuring the familiarity and appeal of personalities. Now here’s a twist on the concept: The Davie-Brown Index measures celebrities in eight categories, including awareness, appeal, influence and trust. The DBI is designed for advertisers, based on surveys of a representative sample of Americans. In the index, Katie Couric ranks higher than Meredith Vieira overall, but Vieira is actually more appealing, influential, and trustworthy.

“When you look at Couric and Vieira, Couric’s awareness numbers are higher. That’s no surprise. But on the other attributes, Vieira ranks really high — in fact, higher than Couric,” a Davie-Brown rep says.

Couric’s awareness score is 77.2, compared to 59.6 for Vieira. But Meredith tops Katie in the rest of the categories: Appeal: Couric 71.4, Vieira 77.4 / Notice: Couric 60.0, Vieira: 63.4 / Trend-setter: Couric 62.5, Vieira 64.1 / Influence: Couric 67.6, Vieira 68.8 / Trust: Couric 63.9, Vieira 68.3 / Endorsement: Couric 66.5, Vieira 71.0 / Aspiration: Couric 65.7, Vieira 69.2