Vargas/Woodruff: “It’s A Job We Accept With Enormous Excitement & A Profound Sense Of Responsibility”

By Brian 

On Monday’s World News Tonight, Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff told viewers the following:

  Elizabeth Vargas: Before we leave you tonight, a few words about the future. ABC News announced today that Bob Woodruff and I will be taking over as co-anchors of World News Tonight at the beginning of next year. It’s a job we accept with enormous excitement and a profound sense of responsibility.

Bob Woodruff: Over the coming months and years, Elizabeth and I will do everything we can to preserve the traditions and standards that have made this broadcast great. You’ll see us here in the studio but more often than not you will find one of us on the road. We will cover the world relentlessly and we’ll take some chances in how we go about it when we think we can make a difference.

Vargas: We are, as Bob said, committed in every way to maintaining the standard of excellence established by Peter Jennings. We are also dedicated to the idea that this institution exists to serve you. And in order to stay vital it must evolve, which is why we’re going to make the program available in some new ways. After the new year we’ll begin a separate West Coast edition. It will be broadcast live. The goal: to serve people in that part of the country long after the lights go dark in most major television news organizations.

And we’re going to make some changes to recognize the inescapable fact that technology has changed our lives. We’ll anchor a live webcast every afternoon that will be available pretty much anywhere there’s a screen. And you’ll be able to find large portions of World News Tonight online throughout the day.

Woodruff: It will be “World News Tonight” for the digital age. No longer confined to the evening, and no longer just on television. And yes, we will try to make Peter proud.

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