TV News Coverage of Paris Hostage Situation

By Brian Flood 

SavFox News has correspondent Amy Kellogg is live from the hostage standoff at the Kosher supermarket in Paris, while senior foreign affairs correspondent Greg Palkot is live in Paris covering the other developments. They will be joined by senior correspondent Rick Leventhal in Paris. Also, contributing to the coverage will be chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge and Ed Henry on the White House reaction from Washington D.C. FNC’s entire primetime lineup will be live and preempting Outnumbered at 12 pm ET with Shepard Smith on the FOX News Deck.

CNN has confirmed it will air live coverage through midnight, with Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Hala Gorani, Jim Bittermann, Fred Pleitgen, Atika Shubert and Jim Sciutto all reporting from Paris. Jose Levy will also be reporting for CNN en Espanol.

NBC News has Savannah Guthrie anchoring from New York, with Lester Holt and Bill Neely reporting from Paris. Richard Engel, and Ron Allen are also all on the ground there in Paris, along with teams of digital journalists.


MSNBC is sending Ronan Farrow to France today, where he will start reporting live upon arrival. Chris Hayes will host special coverage starting a 1 pm ET.

CBS has Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King anchoring in New York with correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reporting outside the kosher market in Porte de Vincennes. CBS News foreign correspondent Clarissa Ward is reporting from outside the industrial complex in Dannartin-en-goele. Homeland security correspondent Bob Orr and senior national security analyst Juan Zarate also contributing to the CBS coverage.

ABC is covering the situation with George Stephanopoulos anchoring from New York. Correspondent Alexander Marquardt is reporting from France (near hostage situation at CTD Printing) and chief foreign Correspondent Terry Moran from Paris. Chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz and senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas from D.C. and chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross from New York will also contribute to the coverage, along with contributors Brad Garrett, Richard Clarke, Matt Olsen and consultant Ray Kelly.

TVNewser will provide additional coverage plans as they becomes available.