Tsunami Anniversary: “I Still Cannot Believe That A Year Has Passed”

By Brian 

“I still cannot believe that a year has passed since this day,” Fox News correspondent Adam Housley writes on FOXNews.com. “It was at this time one year ago today that the phone rang. At 7:15 a.m. here in our California newsroom, I grabbed the main line and forever my life was changed. On the other end was the news that FOX needed us in Thailand…”

It’s too bad that Housley didn’t return to Thailand to cover the one-year anniversary of the deadliest natural disaster in recorded history. In fact, Fox News didn’t send a correspondent to Asia at all.

An anonymous tipster said Housley and Jennifer Griffin wanted to go back and “lobbied for several months to no avail,” but a FNC spokesperson said the tip wasn’t accurate.

Responding to yesterday’s post, an e-mailer said “it’s a serious problem that FNC doesn’t seem to think that this is news.” He asked: “How can they be taken seriously as a legit news organization when they are so unwilling to cover international news?”

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