Trump Considers Canceling ‘All Future Press Briefings’

By Chris Ariens 

Of the many facets of the James Comey firing is how the White House communications office has handled the dissemination of information to the press. (Sean Spicer was not hiding in any bushes Tuesday night, but was “huddled with his staff among bushes,” the Washington Post reports in an Editor’s Note to its main story.)

Still, with conflicting stories of what, why and how the firing happened, the president tweeted this morning that, for the sake of accuracy, perhaps there shouldn’t be any more press briefings.

After two days on Naval Reserve duty, Sean Spicer will be back at the podium this afternoon. His deputy Sarah Huckabee Sanders had the honor of answering reporters for the last two days. These tweets will likely come up (assuming the briefing is still on).