Bill O’Reilly Gives First Interview Since Leaving Fox News to Glenn Beck

By A.J. Katz 

Former Fox News colleagues Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck chatted this morning on Beck’s three-hour morning radio show. This was O’Reilly’s first interview since being forced out from Fox News on April 19 following the report earlier in the month that he and Fox News paid $13 million to five women who accused the star of harassment.

Before the appearance, Beck said, “Bill O’Reilly is a friend of mine. I worked closely enough with Bill on tours where I can tell you that not a single person on my staff at any time ever saw anything inappropriate with Bill,” Beck began. “In fact, Bill came across as so buttoned-up, and it was always ‘1950s polite’ with him. I believe he was gravely wronged, but that’s not what this interview is about…”

Nevertheless, Beck took the first few minutes of the interview to see if he could get any information out of O’Reilly about the firing, before getting his thoughts on current events.

Despite some prodding from Beck, O’Reilly said he couldn’t get too specific “due to the legality.”

“Look, the entire ordeal was a hit job, and in the weeks to come, we will be able to explain some of it. It really has to do with destroying voices that the far-left doesn’t like. That’s the general tone,” O’Reilly said.

Beck then asked if he would eventually come back to explain more or if it would be explained in other venues.

“Both. There’s going to be an exposition soon, but I can’t tell you when, about who exactly this crew is that terrorizes sponsors, threatens people behind the scenes, that pays people to say things. We’re going to name them, and it will be a big story. The left-wing media will downplay the story, but it’s coming. Unfortunately, I was target No. 1. It’s sad for me, for my family and it’s grossly dishonest. From now on when I’m attacked, I’ll take legal action,” he responded.

O’Reilly then went on to claim that the people who were organizing and protesting outside of the Fox News headquarters last month were paid, and brought up the conservative media’s favorite punching bag, billionaire Democratic donor George Soros.

“I’ll point you to an article seldom seen this week, it’s about nine corporations that are now being targeted by organized left-wing groups funded by George Soros because they allegedly are profiting from President Trump’s immigration stance. That gives you your road map. Soros is putting up big money right now, and this is going to become an even bigger story in the next six months” said O’Reilly.

The former Fox Newser was likely referring to this article in the Washington Free Beacon Wednesday.

Beck wrapped up the Fox News-focused portion of the interview by asking O’Reilly if he would have known beforehand that his final episode would indeed be his final episode, what words would he have wanted to have left the viewer with.

“Look, people were very sad when it happened. I felt bad not only for me and my staff, but for the viewers and listeners because they really had no idea what had happened. People know the left-wing media hates me and hates Fox News, but they don’t know the full extent of it…We are accumulating information and hopefully it will all be made clear soon.”

Later in the conversation, Beck said he would like O’Reilly to come work for The Blaze. “I am saying this openly and honestly…but that’s for another day.” O’Reilly didn’t say no, but instead changed the subject: “So aren’t you going to ask me about my books?”