“Tragedy on Mt. Hood:” Cable

By Brian 

FNC and CNN both went into continuous “breaking news” mode around 3:15pm. Trace Gallagher anchored on FNC and Fredricka Whitfield anchored on CNN. MSNBC cut in to air a news conference around 3:25pm, with Alex Witt hosting, but quickly went back to tape.

I thought FNC’s coverage was the most compelling, thanks in large part to Gallagher and reporter Adam Housley. Both FNC and CNN repeatedly labeled pics from Mt. Hood as “new video” even after they aired several times.

New hosts later in the afternoon: Julie Banderas on FNC, Carol Lin on CNN and Contessa Brewer on MSNBC (via ICN). Around 6:45pm, FNC was first to report the discovery of a climber’s body, followed by CNN and MSNBC a few minutes later.

At the end of The Fox Report, Gallagher said War Stories was next, but breaking news coverage continued on FNC, with Greta Van Susteren taking over at 8:30pm. The Line Up started like usual at 10pm.

On CNN, Lin and Rob Marciano continued anchoring until 9, when Larry King came in for a live hour of his program. Lin and Marciano were live again from 10pm to midnight…