This Weekend, Fox News Asks “Who Is Jesus?” & “Can We Live Without God?”

By Brian 

An MSN poster asks: “Notice a particular religious theme” to FNC’s weekend lineup on this holiday weekend?

  12am: The Birth of Jesus: “FNC explores the mystery of Jesus’ early life, from his miraculous birth to the controversial ‘missing years.'” (Repeats several times)

6am: Who Is Jesus?: “Fact vs. Fiction — Visit sites where Jesus lived, preached, and died.”

5pm: Religion in America: Church and State: “Is the drive to erase God and religion from the public domain out of control?”

9pm: Can We Live Without God?: “The faithfully devoted face off against spiritual skeptics as the experts examine deep questions of faith.”

Also new on FNC this weekend: “A Special for Young People” (“successful seniors from all walks of life share their secrets in an effort to prepare America’s next generation for greatness”) and “Rewind 2005: What a Year!” (“join FNC for a look back at the news stories that defined 2005”).