FNC Expands Miami Bureau

By Brian 

With the addition of correspondent Steve Harrigan, Fox News is expanding its Miami bureau, the Miami Herald reports. Harrigan’s transfer ” marked the first time in nearly two decades that a TV news division has expanded its bureau here,” Glenn Garvin writes.

“A period of relative peace in Latin America, coupled with U.S. military involvement in the Middle East following the Sept. 11 attacks, moved Miami to the periphery of network news gathering.” CNN’s John Zarrella is quoted: “There’s not as much news out of Latin America as out of the Middle East right now. That’s just the way it is.”

“But Fox News executives say that’s about to change, and that’s why they decided to beef up their bureau here.” FNC VP John Stack says: “South Florida is an important domestic story, but it’s also a tremendous jumping off point to South America, and that’s something we’re increasingly interested in.” Here’s the full story…

> The story doesn’t mention FNC Miami bureau chief Nancy Harmeyer; Last week a “Fox staffer” told FTV that execs “haven’t been happy with her performance…”

> Dec. 17: Harrigan in Bolivia…

> Update: 12:07am: “The FTVLive blurb is extremely far from the truth” about Harmeyer, an e-mailer says. “She is, in fact, thought of very highly at FNC and wouldn’t have been promoted to such a high-profile position at such a young age if the FNC brass didn’t have complete confidence in her and her abilities.” Another e-mailer adds: “You’ll also notice that the piece doesn’t mention Orlando Salinas either — the longtime staff correspondent — the one who needed the Harrigan backup….if anyone is on the ‘disappointing performance’ list, it’d be him.”