The Tucker Carlson Drinking Game

By Brian 

From Thursday’s Situation with Tucker Carlson:

  VOICE MAIL: Hi, this is Ashley from Anaheim.

I wanted to let you know that some of my friends and I created a drinking game for the show, and we’d like to thank you for the awkward pauses and mis-reading of teleprompter.

And thanks for that hot producer, Willie, for making jokes that go over your head. Happy drinking!

CARLSON: If you devise a drinking game around all the awkward pauses and all the mis-reading of teleprompter on this show, you’re going to be hammered by midnight when we get off the air.

Because if there’s one thing we specialize in, it’s awkward pauses and miscues in the script. As for Willie Geist, I agree with you.

Thanks to Josette for the video!

> Tucker Carlson Drinking Game: Video (3.28mb WMV)

> Later: “I’d like to thank my mom, first of all, for leaving that last message. I knew she was into cable news drinking games, I didn’t know she thought I was hot. That’s nice. I appreciate it.” “Deeply creepy Willie,” Carlson laughed…