The Trump Effect: Politics Brings CNN Estimated Boost of $100 Million

By Mark Joyella 

Donald Trump famously says he doesn’t watch CNN (while commenting on the specifics of the network’s coverage on a regular basis), but CNN’s expansive coverage of Trump’s campaign has paid off–not just in ratings, but in revenue.

NPR cites two sources “with detailed knowledge of the network’s financial performance” who say CNN will make an additional $100 million in television and digital advertising revenues thanks to the unusual election year–largely thanks to the unlikely candidacy of Donald Trump:

The heightened level of viewers meant CNN could guarantee advertisers relatively high audiences — and lock in higher advance rates rather than simply take pride in an unexpected spike in ratings. CNN has also landed big-name sponsorships that were hard to get in the past.


“I think it’s pretty obvious what made this year pop from an election cycle perspective,” says Tracy Stallard, the senior director of media for Anheuser-Busch InBev’s U.S. operations. “It’s certainly been a fun one to watch.”