The Ticker: Woodruff, Pitts, Greed…

By Chris Ariens 

> ABC’s Bob Woodruff talks with Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett who suffered a near-fatal, on-the-field collision in September. Woodruff’s interview with Everett, as well as interviews with his family, doctors, teammates, and coaches will air tomorrow night on World News and Nightline, and Friday morning on GMA.

> Tomorrow on the CBS Evening News, Byron Pitts reports on a misdiagnosis by military doctors that lead to the death of an Iraq war veteran. But because of a little-known 1950 Supreme Court ruling, the soldier’s family cannot sue the federal government.

> Tonight at 9pmET, American Greed returns to the CNBC line-up. The series, which examines the dark side of the American dream, exposes the story of Martin Frankel, a self-taught stockbroker and con man “who left a trail of financial fraud, empty bank accounts…and death.”