The Blue Comedy of CNN Newsroom

By SteveK 

Huffington Post has the video of an exchange between anchors Don Lemon (who is African American) and Kyra Phillips (who’s not) and their guest, CNN Open House host Gerri Willis (who also is not), in which Phillips refers to to the trio as a “reverse Oreo.”

Throughout the entire exchange, Phillips and Lemon are laughing hysterically, almost as if the topic is an inside joke.

Don, Kyra, is it?


The exchange comes just as Willis suggests that the pair of women go “off to an island,” if Willis could predict the stock market correctly.


Willis: Alright Don, you come too…

Phillips: We could bring him along with the girls.

Willis: Come on…

Phillips: He’s paying! Thanks, Gerri.

Lemon: A little sandwich…

Phillips: Ooh!

Willis: Whoa, I have to go now!

Phillips: Yeah, good time. You don’t want to talk about the reverse Oreo.

Lemon: Oh, you said it! I’m glad you said it!

Phillips ends the segment saying, “I made my girl blush! See ya Gerri.”