The Ticker: Tucker…Costello…Weather Plus

By Brian 

  · Tucker Carlson made his MSNBC debut on Hardball with Chris Matthews Friday night. “It was a pretty fast-paced discussion. Those two work VERY well together,” an e-mailer says.

  · NBC correspondent Tom Costello tells journalism students to “play it absolutely straight. I believe if we do, the audience will follow.”

  ·TV Week forecasts a “sunny outlook” for NBC Weather Plus.

  · Jose Canseco is doing the media rounds to promote his new baseball steroids book: He appeared on 60 Minutes last night, chatted on Today this morning, and he’s just warming up…

  ·From an e-mailer at 2:29pm: “Only on CNN — a lower third over hockey video reading ‘Sources: NFL Commissioner to cancel season.’ That’d be a neat trick.”