Ron & Monica Premiere Tomorrow

By Brian 

MSNBC held a brief conference call this afternoon to promote “Connected Coast to Coast,” which premieres tomorrow from 12 to 1 and 5 to 6pm. MSNBC Vice President Mark Effron called Ron and Monica “two broadcasters with very interesting backgrounds:” “They complement eachother, and they have two very different takes on the news of the day.”

“We think we can take two different stabs at the news of the day,” Effron said. “At noon, we have stories that are still baking, if you will — the news day is still in process. We also think by 5pm we’ll be able to use a lot of our interactive components — blogs, people e-mailing us.”

Effron said MSNBC wasn’t trying to emulate the success FNC has had with their 1pm DaySide show.

“We think that there’s a certain logic to our broadcast day now,” Effron said. “From 6 to 9am we have Imus, who’s now at MSNBC HQ, and we think we’re in the process of taking what is already an incredible broadcast and making it more of a TV broadcast…At 9 o’clock, we have three very good hours hosted by Randy Meier and Amy Robach, and we like how that’s going. We think that kind of momentum will continue with Ron and Monica.”

“We hope to bring some perspective on the news stories that you’ve been hearing during the day,” Monica Crowley said, adding that the show will bring “insight” and “in-depth analysis.” “We may even have some fun,” Ron Reagan added.