The Ticker: ‘Inside Man,’ ‘Super Stream Sunday,’ Tony Verna

By Brian Flood 

  • CNN’s original series “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man,” makes its season three premiere on Thursday, Jan. 22 at 9 pm ET. Spurlock explores the power of robots, uncovering a world in which they make decisions, allow people to be in two places at once and serve as virtual helpers.
  • NBC announced that Super Bowl Sunday will also be “Super Stream Sunday.” The digital event will feature 11 hours of streaming content to promote NBC’s TV Everywhere program.
  • Tony Verna, the television director and producer who is credited with inventing instant replay in sports, died at 81. CBS used instant replay for the first time ever in the Dec. 7, 1963 during the Army-Navy football game as a creative way to fill down time between plays.