The Ticker: Cameron, Election Center, CNBC Edge…

By SteveK 

> FNC’s Carl Cameron was profiled by The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul J. Gough, with a focus on New Hampshire coverage. Gough highlights Cameron’s constant travel schedule, writing, “Cameron acknowledges that last year was pretty busy. He was on the road for 42 weeks in 2007, logging more than 80,000 miles on the campaign trail.”

> CNN will begin airing “CNN Election Center” tonight at 8pmET. The one-hour program will air every weekday. The program will be hosted by a rotating slate of CNN anchors in New York and John Roberts on the trail. Tomorrow’s broadcast will be preempted, however, by an extra hour of Lou Dobbs Tonight.

> CNBC will begin airing a series called “The CNBC Edge” today. The goal of the series is to “help viewers navigate these uncertain times.” The CNBC Edge will be shown at various times throughout the day, from 6amET-5pmET.