The Somewhat Silent Happy Hour In NYC

By Chris Ariens 

The 5pmET FBN show, Happy Hour has intermittent audio, at least for the New York City cable audience. The problem started at 5:09pmET when the audio went out, but the show went on. The sound came back around 5:27, but went out again around 5:30, and just returned at 5:38. A Fox Business Network spokesperson tells TVNewser the problem is on Time Warner’s end.

>More from emailers:
— “Tell the Fox Business Network spokesperson, Verizon’s FIOS TV lost audio from FBN at the same time Time Warner did.”
— “What about the NJ Comcast audio issues during the same time?”
— “The audio for Happy Hour was fine on DirecTV.”

Ivanka Trump was a guest on Happy Hour during the time the show was being seen, but not heard, on some systems.