The Question On Everyone’s Mind: “Is This The End of Serious News on Nightline?”

By Brian 

FishbowlDC has its ear to the wall at ABC News, and here’s what Garrett is hearing:

“The show’s death has been prematurely written more times than Mark Twain’s. For now, though, it’s still here. But virtually no one is betting on its long-term prospects. If its future was a tradable commodity, even the staff would be shorting Nightline at this point — and yesterday’s announcement would have done little to ease the urge to sell.

In that vein, rumors of mass lay-offs at Nightline have been vastly exaggerated. A much larger question is whether the staff who have worked alongside Ted Koppel, Tom Bettag, and Leroy Sievers for so many years will want to stay under the new administration. The question on everyone’s mind yesterday was: ‘Is [this] the end of serious news on Nightline?'”