Brokaw Now Able To “Get More Involved In The Causes He Believes In”

By Brian 

The San Francisco Chronicle headlines this story “from anchor to activist:”

Tom Brokaw is one of the co-chairs of a benefit dinner for the International Rescue Committee Wednesday night at the World Trade Club in SF. “Now that he’s no longer anchoring ‘The Nightly News,’ Brokaw said, he’s able to get more involved in causes he believes in.

“You don’t give up your citizenship when you become a journalist,” he said. “I have an agreement with NBC that allows me to take a larger role in some of these organizations I care about.”

> Also: Notice how Brokaw can rattle off ratings: “I’m always a little amused when my friends in the print press tell us we’re dinosaurs,” Brokaw said. “I’ll match up how we’re doing against their circulations. Last week, NBC (‘Nightly News’) had almost 9.6 million viewers. That’s a hell of a circulation. CBS had 7.1 million. ABC had 8.8 million. That’s 25.5 million viewers every night watching these three broadcasts. That’s a lot of tonnage.”