The Big Idea Is “Highly-Rated?” Couric Should Ask Deutsch For His Ratings

By Brian 

If you had to describe the ratings for CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, what sort of words would you use?

Sad? Itty-bity? How about highly-rated? That’s what Katie Couric told Today Show viewers on Wednesday morning:

“Donny Deutsch runs a top ad agency, he’s also the host of “The Big Idea,” the highly-rated show on CNBC,” she said while introducing a segment on ad agencies using normal people as models.

“She blatantly lied to millions of viewers,” a tipster exclaimed yesterday. The night before Deutsch’s appearance, The Big Idea scratched in every category. It had only 54,000 total viewers, and a measly 32,000 in the 25-54 demographic. In July, The Big Idea was one of the lowest-rated shows on cable news, averaging just 111,000 viewers and earning a 0.1.

The show’s ratings are gradually improving, CNBCers say, but calling it “highly-rated” provokes laughter. Someone should tell Katie to check TVNewser’s daily Scoreboard…