Ted Koppel Named Special Contributor to CBS Sunday Morning

By Chris Ariens 

Ted Koppel will be contributing to CBS Sunday Morning, with his first story airing this morning.

In a special program about guns in America, Koppel traveled to Wyoming to report on how guns “are woven into the tapestry of the old Wyoming families.” Koppel talked with former Sen. Alan Simpson whose grandfather, a lawyer, shot and killed a disgruntled client who’d attacked him. He was acquitted.

Koppel will contribute now and again to the CBS program. With a hosting change likely coming later this year as Charles Osgood retires, Koppel is not considered a likely successor.


Koppel was anchor of ABC’s Nightline for 25 years, until 2005. Later, he had a program on Discovery. Late last year, he published Lights Out, on what would happen if a cyberattack hits the world’s power grids.