Sopan Deb: ‘Before I Knew It a Police Officer Pulled Me Down From the Back of My Hoodie’

By Chris Ariens 

CBS News campaign embed Sopan Deb is back on the campaign trail with Donald Trump today following Friday night’s violence that left him detained by the Chicago police.

CBS News producer Charlie Brooks interviewed Deb yesterday about how he got in the middle of a scuffle between police and protesters and ended up in the back of a police van in handcuffs.

I went outside and I saw a group of police officers running towards an area of protesters. So I had my camera and I jet along with them to this area. And I get to this crowd and there’s a man being arrested. His head is bloodied on the ground… another scuffle breaks out, and I’m shooting this scuffle. And before I knew it a police officer–at least one police officer, maybe multiple–pulled me down from the back of my hoodie and threw me to the ground and bashed my face into the street. And then this police officer put his boot to my neck and cuffed me. I am continuously identifying myself as press, I said, ‘I have credentials. I can show you. I have credentials.’ But they are not listening to me.