Ted Cruz Offers Advice to Fox News on GOP Debates

By Mark Joyella 

The presidential campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz has asked other campaigns to “consider joining with us” to convince Fox News to change the way it uses national polls to determine which candidates are invited to participate in the network’s first presidential debate Aug 6.

“I’m sure you are aware, the standards set by Fox News for the first GOP presidential debate are unclear and, it would appear, undefined,” said Chris Wilson, director of research and analytics for the Cruz campaign, in a memo to Republican campaigns obtained by Politico. “I’m very open to other criteria, so please let me know your thoughts,” Wilson wrote. “Once I hear back from you, and the other campaigns, we will put together a joint letter…to Fox.”

Cruz’s standing in national polls suggest he would be one of the top ten candidates and qualify for the upcoming debate in Cleveland, but his campaign is not satisfied with the criteria.

“I can’t wait until Senator Cruz is President, so he can tell all the networks how to run their business,” said Fox News executive vice president Michael Clemente, tongue firmly planted in cheek.