CNBC to Host GOP Debate in Colorado

By Chris Ariens 

The primary debate calendar is starting to fill up.

CNBC just announced it will host a Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Wednesday, October 28. CNBC’s “Your Money, Your Vote: The Presidential Debate on the Economy” will focus on the key issues that matter to all voters—jobs, taxes, the deficit and the health of our national economy. The RNC-sanctioned debate will be held at the Coors Events Center and broadcast exclusively on CNBC.

“Presidential elections are often won or lost based on core economic positions, understandings and values,” said Mark Hoffman, CNBC chairman. “Our nation’s economy and place in the world, job growth, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of the American dream live at the very center of CNBC’s mission each day and will be the centerpiece of our line of focused questioning at this debate.”


3.33 million watched CNBC’s 2011 GOP primary debate (photo). It was the top cable news channel on the night of Nov. 10, 2011 and gave CNBC its biggest night since 1997. For candidate Rick Perry, who is among the candidates for 2016, the 2011 CNBC debate was less than memorable: during the debate, he told the crowed he planned to cut three government agencies. He reeled off the Department of Commerce and the Department of Education, but could not remember the third.