Suzanne Scott, Jay Wallace Thank Fox News, FBN Staffers for Making Coverage ‘Most Captivating of Any Network’

By A.J. Katz 

Fox News was the most watched network — on broadcast and on cable — for coverage of the 2018 midterms. Needless to say, the powers that be — Fox News and Fox Business CEO Suzanne Scott and FNC president Jay Wallace — were thrilled with the performance, and sent a heartfelt thank you note to Fox News and FBN employees this morning.

TVNewser obtained that note:

Dear Colleagues,


Thank you for Tuesday night’s outstanding coverage of the midterm elections on FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, our digital properties, and FOX News Radio. We displayed once again why FOX’s news divisions and their political coverage are the best in the business. Our Decision Desk exemplified why they continue to lead the pack via the new Voter Analysis system, which we boldly put in place after walking away from exit polls two years ago. That decision paid off tremendously. Our premiere team of journalists across all of our platforms anchored smart, compelling coverage, strengthened by our top notch analysis. And our exceptional correspondents and crews in the field did a terrific job, as did everyone from producers to bookers to technical staff and the hundreds who worked behind the scenes to make Tuesday night’s telecast the most captivating of any network.

The ratings prove that viewers once again agreed and overwhelmingly watched FOX News more than any other cable OR broadcast network. From 8-11pm, we averaged 7.8 million viewers, while NBC trailed with 5.7 million, followed by ABC (5.3 million), CNN (5.1 million), MSNBC (4.8 million) and CBS (3.9 million).

FOX News Digital also delivered its highest number of page views (125.6 million) and Election Day was the highest day of Politics Page Views (33.9 million), Uniques (8.8 million) and Video Starts (4.9 million) this year.

We also want to thank those who created and staffed the fantastic FOX Nation Election Experience tent. Nearly 2,500 FOX News super fans passed through to meet our stars, pick up swanky giveaways, and see what our new digital streaming service is all about.

FOX News was built on being the best in both journalism and opinion and that’s a legacy we are all very proud of.

You are truly an extraordinary team. Thank you for all you do!

Suzanne and Jay