“Stop Smoking:” Olbermann’s Cancer Scare

By Brian 

Doctors cut a benign tumor from the roof of MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann‘s mouth a week and a half ago.

For five terrifying days, Olbermann thought he had cancer. (He had smoked cigars for many years.)

“Now, when I see somebody smoking, I want to smack the cigarette or the cigar or the pipe out of their mouth. And then I want to slap them,” he said at the end of Monday’s Countdown.

“He gave a very powerful anti-smoking speech at the end of tonight’s program in honor of Jenning,” an e-mailer says.

“Stop smoking. Now,” Olbermann implored. “So you don’t have to stop smoking while you have cancer, or while you are sitting there, spitting into a garbage can, hoping you do not.”

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