Remembering Peter: He Nurtured Staffers, And Now They’ll “Carry On The Tradition”

By Brian 

“I find it impossible to believe he is actually gone,” Anderson Cooper said on 360 tonight. He talked to ABC News president David Westin about Jennings’ legacies:

“One of the legacies he left here was not just the standards that he set and the lessons he taught us, but also the people,” Westin said. “He brought along a lot of people, both in front of the camera and behind the camera, and nurtured them and worked with them, and gave them experience in the field.”

“And I think if Peter were here right now — and goodness knows, I wish he were — but if he were here right now, he would say, fortunately, we have a number of very talented, very able people who have learned, to some extent, from Peter Jennings to carry on the tradition, which we are absolutely committed to do — perhaps feeling it even moreso today than on other days.”