Special 360 About Marine Casualties Tonight

By Brian 

Last night Anderson Cooper 360 called it a “grim milestone.” CNN is marking the 3000th fatality in Iraq by telling stories about some of the soldiers who have died.

Yesterday, the network aired a story about Pfc. Caleb Lufkin at least four times, including on 360. Reported by Cal Perry, the package was based on the CNN Presents documentary Combat Hospital.

Tonight, the channel is prepping an hour-long 360 special, “Ambush at the River of Secrets.” It’s about four Marines who died in Haqlaniyah on Jan. 26, 2005.

“As we pass the milestone of 3,000 fatalities in Iraq, it troubles me that there is simply not enough time in the world to tell the stories of all who have served and died in Iraq and Afghanistan, although their stories certainly deserve to be told and remembered. So for the past few months I have been reconstructing the story of just these four men,” Tom Foreman blogs on CNN.com…