Soledad O’Brien Looks into Mountaintop Mining for CNN’s ‘In America’

By Chris Ariens 

CNN’s Soledad O’Brien reports another in her In America series tomorrow night.

The Battle for Blair Mountain documents the intense struggle over mountaintop removal in Sharples, West Virginia — coal country: pitting coal miners who want to keep their jobs, green activists who oppose all mining, and a coalition who would like to see mountaintop removal replaced by less damaging mining practices.

“Our goal was to shine a light on each perspective because we all have to share this planet and its resources,” O’Brien tells TVNewser.


“When the Spruce No. 1 permit was overturned [by the EPA], we caught the visceral reaction of West Virginians closest to the action,” says O’Brien. “Their side of the story is not being told.”

The Battle for Blair Mountain premieres tomorrow at 8pmET and PT, with a replay Saturday, August 20.