(Slightly) Uncomfortable MSNBC Moment #3, With a Shot at Fox

By Chris Ariens 

Tonight, just after 9pmET, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were talking about Hillary Clinton’s keynote speech. The chat ranged from her once formidable campaign, her place in the Clinton legacy, GOP tactics against her, Democratic party unity, and “the feelings of those people who felt they were screwed” by her not being the nominee.

When the discussion started going long, a producer got in Matthews’ earpiece and wrapped him. “I’ll wrap in a second,” Matthews jumped.

Then it got weird.


Olbermmann introduced Democratic House Leader Steny Hoyer, “who has been standing by and listened to us go off at the mouth [making the talking-too-much hand motion] on the subject of the Sen. Clinton speech tonight.”

Matthews took offense: “You made that sound, Keith. I can do the same to you. That’s what I thought and I said it.”

But apparently Matthews’ oratory was effective. Rep. Hoyer saying, “I agree with Chris, who says there are many people for whom the Hillary Clinton campaign as well as the Barack Obama campaign was not just a candidate but a cause.”

Even so, it made for another uncomfortable moment from the MSNBC set. And what’s more, the chat also included a shot at Fox News…

>Update: The clip is after the jump…

“Fox News, for example, seems to enjoy it,” Matthews said of the characterization of Clinton as “some victim of foul play.” “No accident they hired Howard Wolfson, used him in some sort of little toy soldier waiting on the shelf.” “Tokyo Rose was the thought that came to my mind,” added Olbermann.