Cavuto: Anchor of the Business News Show in Denver

By SteveK 

There is one business news show originating from Denver, and it’s anchored by someone who just returned to the air this month after MS-related throat surgery.

Yes, Fox anchor/executive Neil Cavuto also anchors Your World on FNC at 4pmET before his 6pmET FBN show.

But it does allow FBN to have on CEOs, delegates and money managers that have converged on Denver for the Convention.


“We think the biggest issue is the economy,” Cavuto told TVNewser this afternoon after his FBN show ended. “It’s a dominant issue.”

And how about Cavuto’s hopes for FBN as a whole?

“We just have to keep moving,” he tells TVNewser. “What I find encouraging is that when people get Fox Business, they like it. And when we’re put up against the competition, they say, ‘I really like it.'”

And being around for the inception of Fox News Channel, Cavuto says he’s dealt with this before. “I know what it’s in witness protection, but I also know what it’s like to get out of witness protection. And I already see the signs,” he said.

As for his health, he says he’s doing well. “I’m holding up. I had to do it. I take it one day at a time and hope it all works out,” said Cavuto.

> Update: Bloomberg also has two shows broadcasting live from the conventions. ‘Money & Politics’ with Peter Cook and ‘Political Capital with Al Hunt,’ are live in Denver and will be in St. Paul as well.