Shuttle: Notes From Cape Canaveral

By Brian 

Today’s scene in Cape Canaveral, according to NBC News producer Jay Blackman, blogging on The Daily Nightly: “The crush of media has thinned significantly. Those of us still here in this much quieter press room just stare at a monitor with a shuttle on it that says ‘look here periodically for start time.'”

> NBC space-blogger Jeff Gralnick says you cannot miss the “shuttlenauts” that feed sound bites and quotes to the media because “they each have their minders close at hand and ready to steer them away from unplanned, unwanted or unscheduled contact. Once upon a time it wasn’t like this at all.”

> More proof that “gets” blogging: They posted an “editor’s note” on The Daily Nightly that says “NASA just announced a 2:30 p.m. EDT news conference to update the media, and the world, on Space Shuttle Discovery’s status. You can watch it live on MSNBC-TV or here on” I’d love to read an blog that routinely updates readers on developing news stories and events like this…