Shuttle: Cable, Broadcast Plans

By Brian 

> FNC: Will begin coverage at 3pm. Shep Smith will anchor from Florida.

> CNN: Will air a special, “Return to Flight: The Space Shuttle Discovery,” from 3 to 4pm. It will be anchored by Miles O’Brien. “As the only broadcast network to air every NASA shuttle launch live, CNN also will provide video of the launch at,” CNN’s press release says.

> MSNBC: Is calling this a Living History Event. Chris Jansing is anchoring from the Cape all day.

> NBC: Brian Williams will interrupt programming on NBC for half an hour: “Assuming things go as planned, preliminary plans call for NBC News to offer a Special Report anchored by Brian Williams starting approximately 15 minutes prior to launch, and concluding about 15 minutes after the launch.”

> ABC: Coverage “will be anchored by Charlie Gibson in New York and Bob Woodruff at Cape Kennedy along with other reporters. The network’s coverage is scheduled to be about a half-hour total, if all goes well,” Paul Gough reports.

> CBS: Bob Schieffer will anchor a special report for about 15 minutes.