Shuttle: Press Faces Tight Security

By Brian 

NBC News consultant Jeff Gralnick‘s Shuttle Diary on is a must-read. Yesterday he reprinted NASA’s rules for the media:

 “ALL MEDIA MUST DO SECURITY CHECK: All media, whether they have been here for the previous three days or not, must go through the KARS 1 security check before coming out here on launch day. It is for many reasons I won’t go into here. Last week’s London event should make it obvious as well. This includes permanently badge media to KSC. Many are saying I’ve been a good boy/girl for the past three days carpooling so can’t I come directly in. The answer is NO. You must do the KARS 1 security check or you won’t get in. It won’t take long, if they already have the carpool, they just drive the circle, get checked out and go, don’t even have to get out of the car. But realize, security is going to be tight so just bear with it, don’t fight it and it’ll all go well. THANKS!”

Here is Gralnick’s minute-by-minute blog…