SCOTUS: Round-Up #2

By Brian 

> “ARUBA SHMARUBA,” The Corner says: “It’s Supreme Court fightin’ time!”

> All the broadcast networks interrupted programming again at 11:15am for Bush’s statement. On CBS, Susan McGinnis was replaced by John Roberts.

> CNN has a photo of O’Connor on the lower left corner of the screen. I thought that was reserved for people who are missing or dead?

> NBC’s Brian Williams recalled seeing O’Connor on an airplane and watching her place a fishing rod in the overhead bin.

> CNN’s Joe Johns: “This is very much choreographed, at least the first stages of it.”

> Wizbang: “I love it that she turned in her resignation on a Friday before a holiday weekend. Half of Washington (and certainly most of the Members) are outta here already. Supreme Court justices– they’re not just above the Constitution; they’re above the D.C. news cycle too! The nerve.”

> Wonkette: “Bush is giving a statement about it at 11:15 the day before a recess and a four-day weekend. It’s the biggest ‘fuck you’ to the White House press corps since lying to them about the war.”