Staff Shifting At CNN & HLN?

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s rumors of CNN layoffs, and subsequent reports that the rumors were exaggerated, here’s what a few tipsters and e-mailers have said:

> “One look at our electronic bulletin board on Inews, and there’s nothing BUT goodbye’s in there…With movements, shiftings, and rearranging (including those fired) the staffing in Atlanta is down CONSIDERABLY. For example, in just the last couple of months, we’ve lost six line producer positions and three executive producer positions. And word from managers is ‘we’re not through yet.'”

> “It’s not just the layoffs, schedules are being completely retooled and several people were demoted, and that’s just here at Headline News.”

> “You’d need both hands to count the HLN losses. Others kept on were being demoted and will now do what they had been doing for years for less money. Rumors of layoffs are always exaggerated. These were fairly significant.”

> The two EP’s who were fired on Wednesday “were both escorted out of the building. Both had been there combined almost twenty years,” an e-mailer says.