Schieffer Shills For Super Bowl XLI

By Brian 

The Super Bowl was the lead story on the Sunday public affairs show Face the Nation. Host Bob Schieffer was on site at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. He was supposed to be out on the field, but it rained. “So we are inside, and we’re in the Colt cheerleader dressing room. Unfortunately, they will not arrive for about another seven or eight hours,” he said.

He interviewed new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, then chatted with commentators Dan Marino and Phil Simms.

“We usually concentrate on the news we believe you need to know. The Super Bowl on the other hand is big news that millions upon millions of Americans WANT to know. Since someone had to do it, we volunteered to help tell the story,” Schieffer said in his closing note, adding: “Now how’s that for a high minded excuse for being here?”

“Interestingly, his explanation didn’t include the fact that the Super Bowl is on the same network as FTN,” an e-mailer adds…

> AP: “Meanwhile, Tim Russert‘s Meet the Press was busy with presidential candidate John Edwards. Who cares about that, right?”

> Update: 8:57am: “You forget that Russert has ALWAYS hosted Meet the Press from the site of the Super Bowl when NBC used to air it… and I’m sure he will again when NBC airs it in the future,” an e-mailer responds…