Couric’s Super Bowl Report: Reviews

By Brian 

During the Super Bowl pre-game show, host James Brown introduced Katie Couric by pointing out that she ran track and was “an outstanding cheerleader.”

“She tackled the topic of Hines Ward, last year’s Super Bowl MVP, and his Korean mother, who was shunned in her native country because of her biracial marriage, winding up a single mother here, and the bigotry that mother and son were subjected to,” the AP says. Some reviews:

> NY Times: “Am I the only viewer who wondered, when Katie Couric introduced her story on the pregame program, ‘What’s with her hair?’

> A Chicago Sun-Times blogger wonders: “Do we blame the humidity? Or was Katie’s curling iron confiscated by airport security?”

> St. Petersburg Times: “Solid piece, but it would have been even better if CBS had shown it … a year ago when Ward’s Steelers were actually in the Super Bowl.”

> McClatchy: “Couric narrated the piece eloquently, but a subject connected to this year’s game would have had more relevance.”