Schiavo: Early Morning Notes

By Brian 

FNC and MSNBC live coverage wrapped up around 12:55am. CNN was live until 1:30am, when a taped Larry King Live about the Schiavo case began.

> Update: 12:25pm: An anonymous tipster “in the FNC newsroom in New York” thinks that heads will roll when “we find out that CNN murdered us in the ratings on this Schiavo thing…We should be all over this with an A-list panel like CNN and MSNBC. Instead, all we have is a weekend/overnight cutin anchor, a single DC correspondent and a very junior producer here in NYC.”

> “I thought that the CNN coverage was excellent — rolling out the big names. Fox News had that small time feel by employing the overnight anchor.”

> “It is remarkable when we see MSNBC, of all venues, assigning one of their major players (Chris Matthews to cover a live event, on a weekend, no less, while Fox airs taped programming. Even I, a loyal Fox fan, switched back and forth from MSNBC to CNN, because Fox deserted its viewers yesterday. Something isn’t right.”

> “Now we will see how long it takes CNN to over-cover this story as they have been doing with most of their news coverage as of late. Courthouse hostage story ring any bells? Enough already!”