‘Reliable’ Reviews Hostage

By Brian 

Last week I complained that CNN was abusing Ashley Smith. Howard Kurtz addressed the subject on CNN’s Reliable Sources over the weekend. “Some critics are saying CNN just went overboard on this,” Kurtz said. Guest Steve Friedman said he’d be “loving” the story if he was still the EP of the Today Show. And he talked about why the story led the morning shows, but not the evening newscasts:

 “The profile of the audience is a little older and maybe, maybe, they feel that the story is a little beneath them. But let me tell you something about television: You cannot be above the news. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you’re above the news.”

Here’s the transcript. BTW, Friedman said if handcuffed ABC booker Mike Nagel had worked for him, Friedman would have given him a bonus…