Sawyer In Syria Doesn’t Boost Ratings

By Brian 

Diane Sawyer goes to Syria at the beginning of February sweeps — it’s billed as ‘Inside Syria’ complete with special graphics and music — and does anyone notice? No,” an e-mailer says.

On Monday, Today beat Good Morning America by 1,153,000 viewers… a larger than usual margin. And the e-mailer says Sawyer’s interview with the Syrian president didn’t get a lot of pick up on the wires or in the papers either: “The Syrian leader rarely grants interviews — especially to morning show hosts — and he made no news in the interview. So, was it worth the trip to Damascus? You be the judge…”

> Update: 9:59pm: The interview DID get substantial pick up by AP and other outlets. Another e-mailer says: “When was the last time Matt Lauer or Meredith Vieira reported live from inside Syria? Or North Korea for that matter. I don’t see them — or any other morning show host — out in the field interviewing international political leaders. Diane’s interview with President Assad made news around the world. Oh, and when was the last time a White House spokesperson responded to an interview Matt Lauer’s done? Didn’t see them discussing the ‘big get’ he recently had with Miss USA. Is she the Today show’s definition of a major newsmaker in the mornings?”