Sara Eisen Will Solo Anchor 3 PM, Scott Wapner Gets 4 PM on CNBC

By A.J. Katz 

CNBC is making some changes to its afternoon schedule beginning in early March.

In light of Wilfred Frost‘s recent departure, Sara Eisen will become the solo anchor of a new one-hour Closing Bell at 3 p.m. The program will feature CNBC beat reporters to take a look at the day’s most important developments. After spending more than three years co-anchoring Closing Bell and doing news-breaking interviews from Davos to D.C., Eisen will speak with high-profile CEOs, analysts and money managers who will lay out their strategies and opinions.

The program’s commercial-free Market Zone coverage will begin at 3:40 p.m. and run through the close.


CNBC Halftime Report host Scott Wapner will host a new show in the 4 p.m. hour, Closing Bell Overtime. Originating live from NYSE, the program promises to be “a fast-paced look at the after-hours moves and late-breaking news … drilling down into stocks and sectors, questioning some of the world’s most influential investors and getting viewers ready for the next day’s action.” Wapner will continue to host Halftime Report, weekdays at Noon ET, in addition to his new 4 p.m. duties.

Some happy news in the midst of what has been a rough couple days for the CNBC anchor.



Both hours will continue to showcase Mike Santoli’s commentary and analysis.

Additionally, beginning today, Leslie Picker will be taking on coverage of major banks and financial institutions. In her time at CNBC, Picker has won a SABEW award for her reporting on Puerto Rico’s debt crisis and covered IPOs, private equity and hedge funds, all of which she will continue to do.

“Our new Closing Bell line-up will further position us to deliver deep coverage and analysis to an audience that doesn’t stop thinking about investing when traditional market hours end,” CNBC business news boss Dan Colarusso said in a staff memo Wednesday.