Ron Paul on FNC: How’d That Work Out?

By SteveK 

Rep. Ron Paul took part in last Thursday’s GOP debate on Fox News after being excluded in the New Hampshire forum. His supporters were, well, less than happy with Fox News over the decision to leave out Paul from the N.H. forum, as Frank Luntz explained.

But Paul was back on stage with five of the other GOP candidates (still no Rep. Duncan Hunter sighting). One key question and answer which the blogs and Youtube has jumped on was when Carl Cameron asked Paul, “Another question of electability…do you have any sir?” Paul’s two minute answer brought a few huge cheers from the crowd as he questioned Cameron’s implication. Several versions of the video of that exchange have hit Youtube, many likely from Paul supporters, who believe FNC edited it out of their debate rebroadcasts.

An FNC spokesperson tells TVNewser, “There was a timecode issue on the playback of the tape.” The spokesperson explained that nothing Ron Paul said was edited out on the rebroadcast.

Perhaps some of the same Paul supporters who chased Sean Hannity down the street in New Hampshire, also enjoyed voting in his text message polls. After the debate, the Hannity and Colmes text poll regarding which candidate won the debate was won handily by Ron Paul, who received 32% of the vote. Fred Thompson finished second with 22%.