Rocking The Vote, at FNC

By SteveK 

MTV spent Tuesday night at Fox News Channel, and wrote about and videotaped their experience.

MTV’s presence, perhaps a way to attract some more of the MTV generation to FNC’s political coverage, was seen at the Decision Desk, Control Room and Election HQ studio. MTV News’ Tim Kash interviewed VP David Rhodes and anchor Bill Hemmer, who he asked, “Who has the bigger plasma screen, you or CNN?”

“I think clearly that the Fox News Channel not only has the bigger screen but the more effective screen,” Hemmer said.

Kash also writes about anchor Brit Hume‘s telepathy. “Brit actually got up with no explanation whatsoever and left the room — presumably to go the rest room — much to the surprise of his floor producer,” he writes. “But as if he had telepathy, Brit was back in position and ready to go just seconds before he was back, live, on the air.”

Click continued to see the video of MTV’s time at FNC, complete with a sneak peek at what computer game Hume plays and what analyst Juan Williams snacks on during commercial breaks.

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